Sunday, July 19, 2009

More River Buddies

Late Friday night, we pulled into a public landing in Cassville WI. We were just about to call it a night when a man pulled up in his pontoon. He insisted that he was just Dan but we still called him Dan The Man. He must have seen it from the river and just wanted a closer look. Dan The Man admired the trip too! After giving us each a few beers, he invited us back to his home to get cleaned up and what not. We followed him home and he showed us around his house... and what a house! It was like being in a museum. Lots of old marine gear, a few old Harleys and plenty of antique guns. We each showered up, drank some expensive liquor, and hopped in the hot tub. It was nice to be spoiled after a week on the river. We had been chilled through the core for a few days so a hot shower and hot tub were a gift from the heavens. Dan The Man even promised us breakfast but we had to take off as soon as we woke up.

Thanks Dan The Man!

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  1. this sounds awesome!! im so proud that youre actually doing it! youll have some amazing stories