Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slowly but Slowly

We just swing through Wabisha for breakfast and a few suppliles. Mother Nature isn't quite so kind today. We have got headwinds and waves. To keep the splash off of the computer, I have the towel wrapped around my me and taped to the screen.With the waves and wind coming at us and no current going with us, we have slow progress, but something is better than nothing and we need to cover some distance. Josh just stood up and the wind took his chair out from under him. He almost sat down into the river, but caught himself on the edge of the deck.

We're soooo thankful of Cindy at the Red Wing Marina for helping us out with the barrels, and at no charge! If we were still running with only ten barrels, the whole lower deck would be swamped under these rollers.


  1. Thats funny, I know Cindy, She gasses up our boat every weekend. Good luck the rest of the way

  2. Just talked to Monse and he tells me your as green as the 4 cycle. Good luck and be safe. I'll buy the beer when you get back. Make sure that Pete kisses Revy's a** when you get to Dubuque, Scotty B.