Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lots and lots of pictures

Thanks very much to Eric at the Apple Store at the St Louis Galleria for fixing my computer.

July 25:

Sam and Dan rode in the raft for a little ways and we towed their canoe.

Hogback beach:

July 26
Hannibal, Missouri

Sam and Dan caught up with us.

Will and Kelly spent the night with us on the raft on an island across the river from Hannibal

July 27
Some locals also camped on the island.

Us with Will and Kelly, Hannibal in the background

July 28

The Louisiana Missouri Boat club

July 29
Mark, Matt and Speedy

Ben climbing on a buoy that marks the barge lane

A old beached barge covered in grass

Another beached barge

A house on an island

Ben and Matt fixing a bike

Corps of Engineers boats dredging the barge lane

The lock keeper and Google Maps told us there was a marina here we could eat at. Al later told us its been gone for almost 30 years.

Here's where we ate and met Al.

A model of the raft Al and his friends took down the river in 1991

Al, Glen, Rick, and some other people.

July 30
The people who live here work for a non profit organization that picks garbage out of the river. We had 2 full bags of garbage and they took them for us.

A marina dredging their harbor

Walking to the grocery store

Ben wake skating


July 31
2 Asian carp jumped into the raft. The only fish we've eaten this trip.

St. Louis

August 1
The pod we rode to the top of the arch.

The top of the arch

The view of the raft from the top of the arch

We ripped a nose cone off draging the raft off these bricks. We fixed it the next morning.

August 2

We anchored on a beach behind a wing dam for the night.

A mangled buoy


  1. You're seeing some really beautiful sunsets! Thanks for the pictures....and Ben, for the post.

  2. Hey, glad to see some of your photos and catch up with what your up to (or where you're down to!). I've been in the pods of the arch and I would describe them as a dryer bin--and don't know how they got five of you in one! But the view is fantastic. Your photos are great and your stories are even better. Stay safe! Love you guys!


  3. Thanks for putting the photos of Speedy, Matt, & me up on your web site. Nice write up too. Had a great time with you guys. Good luck on the rest of your trip. My e-mail is

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